Sin City Bowl V – 2018


When: July 21st, 2018

Organizer: Mark Perre (AL13N)

Type: OPEN

Style: Resurrection

Cost: $25 before July 1st $40 after

Email: | NAF Tournament Link

Power 9 Games
2575 E. Craig Rd
North Las Vegas, Nevada  89030
United States

Additional information
Admission fee is $25 pre-registration by July 1st, 2018 $40 after July 1st

11am Start 4 games!

Fees cover
Admission to event
1 Elvis Deadly
2 Custom Sin City Bowl D6
5 custom scb bottle caps

Team Builds
1.25 million build it any way you like max of 2 skill or stat increases per player. goblin sure if you wanna waste 100k on two +1 st. Star players only after initial 11 players purchased. Elvis Deadly model can exceed the 16 roster maximum so you don’t have to save a spot for him.

Elvis Deadly
MV 6
ST 4
AG 4
AV 8
Loner, Super Blood Lust*, Regeneration, Hypnotic Gaze, Dodge, Leap, Fend

Super Blood Lust – Elvis Deadly wight/vampire form has a blood addiction and only the finest blood will do. Elvis Deadly will only bite positional players any player that is less than 0-12.

Both Teams can field Elvis Deadly as long as his blood addiction for premium blood is maintained. Once removed for failing to bite, he is lost for remainder of the match.

Bonus points for having Elvis Deadly play every down of the game! 30+ pts high risk high reward!