Sin City Bowl IV – 2017

When:  July 8th 2017

Organizer: Mark Perre (AL13N)

Type: OPEN

Style: Resurrection

Cost: $25 pre-registration $40 late registration

Email:  | NAF Tournament Link

2575 E Craig Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada  89030
United States

Additional information
Admission fee is $25 pre-registration by July 1st, 2017 $40 after July 1st

Fees cover
Admission to event
1 Dean the Spleen Martin Model
2 Custom Sin City Bowl D6
5 custom scb bottle caps

Team Builds
1.25 million build it any way you like max of 2 skill or stat increases per player. goblin sure if you wanna waste 100k on two +1 st. Star players only after initial 11 players purchased. Dean the spleen model can exceed the 16 roster maximum so you don’t have to save a roster slot.

Dean the Spleen Martin Will be fielded by the Kicking Team for 1 drive at the start of each half.

Dean the Spleen Martin
MV 8 ST 3 AG 3 AV 8
Skills Claws, Frenzy, Regeneration, Block,
Tackle, Mighty Blow, Piling On.

Special RuleLove of Blood: Remains on pitch until he causes a Casualty or himself is removed from pitch. Must use all applied skills to attempt a casualty. However can not use piling on to avoid a casualty. Must use MB to break or add to injury. If armor roll of 8 is rolled than MB must be applied to injury. If just a stun or KO result is rolled pilling on must be used.

City of Sin has come to see some cheaters, Any Secret Weapon/ Caught Fouling May attempt to come back onto the pitch after a drive on a roll of 6, Stunty teams with Secret Weapons / Caught Fouling get a bonus to return on a 5+ rolls. This roll can be made after each drive.